A friendly Public Service Announcement…flood insurance

Ring Ring

Backdoor Neighbor:  Hey, you may want to check your outdoor pool bathroom.

Me:  Why is that?

Neighbor:  Water is flowing out the eaves of your roof like a sieve.

Me:  Thanks for the call.  I’ll check it right away.

Come to find out water had been flowing for days.  You see, water lines/pipes burst all the time and it’s year round, not just wintertime.  Uncontrolled flowing water wreaks havoc and substantial damage to property real quickly.  Even when you are home and you’re able to address the event while it’s happening, damage can be substantial.  To think I was not at home for days… the damage was severe.

Water damage events are common, from a refrigerator water line crimping, a dishwasher water line bursting, a washing machine hose (both hot & cold) becoming brittle, and even when a rodent decides to have a meal and chews right through the water line in your attic.

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See for yourself… here’s a video of what I came home too after being gone for a few days:

Like I say, this type of stuff “just happens”.  It’s not a matter of “if”, it’s a matter of “when”.  Will you be home at the right time or not?  When it happens, let’s hope you’re fortunate enough to be home because you certainly don’t want to be away for hours, days, or even weeks when water decides to flow from appliances or lines in places where it was not intended.

PSA… To avoid or reduce the chances of potential water damage, certainly while you’re away, you may want to consider turning off the washing machine water lines, both hot and cold.  You may want to consider a much broader approach and turn off your main water line (while you’re on vacation).  Had I done so, I would have reduced the havoc and damage that my uninvited outdoor guest caused me.

Hopefully my experience helps you from experiencing the same.

Note… I’m in the insurance business.  I’m certainly not in the plumbing business.  I highly recommend you consult your local licensed plumbing professional before considering “turning off” your main water line to your home for extended periods of time.

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