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Life Insurance Baton Rouge

Life insurance Baton Rouge at The Brignac Group provides all forms of life insurance Baton Rouge including low-cost term life, whole life and universal life insurance Baton Rouge – all of which are a perfect fit for your family or organization’s protection, that’s if the right product is implemented for the desired need.  The discussion of life insurance Baton Rouge begins broad then seems to always narrow down towards the question “what type of policy is the right policy for you?”

If given a wrench, hammer, and screwdriver and then asked which tool is the right tool to repair an issue, the correct answer would be, it depends on the issue that needs repairing. Choosing the wrong tool to repair an issue can lead towards a disastrous outcome.  Conversely choosing the right tool makes the issue repair outcome a wonderful experience. The same concept can be used when choosing the right type of life insurance Baton Rouge policy that will work best for your specific need. Contact us at The Brignac Group when you want genuine service and a trusted insurance partner for your life insurance Baton Rouge.  We are the final piece to your life insurance Baton Rouge puzzle.

Life insurance Baton Rouge is purchased for the following reasons (or a combination of reasons below)

  • Need for death benefit
  • Cash Accumulation vehicle
  • Forced to purchase (by lending institutions etc.)

Term or Permanent Life Insurance Baton Rouge?

Term Life

Term life insurance Baton Rouge provides coverage for a stated period of time. Term life is the simplest form of life insurance Baton Rouge and was developed to provide temporary life insurance Baton Rouge on a limited budget. This coverage is perfect for short-term goals, such as paying off your college education, business loans, funeral costs or mortgages. The most common terms are 10, 15, 20, and 30 years. Term life has no investment component.

Some term life policies gives you the flexibility to change your policy should your temporary needs turn into permanent goals. In most cases you can convert all or some of your term coverage into a permanent policy for a lifetime of coverage.

Permanent Life

Whole life is the simplest form of permanent life insurance Baton Rouge and is a good option for those with long-range insurance and financial goals. It features lifelong protection with fixed premiums, a guaranteed death benefit payout and cash value that is guaranteed to grow each year. Whole life protects you for your entire life unless you cancel the policy.

Universal life insurance Baton Rouge is a form of permanent life insurance and a great option to help your family prepare for the unexpected. It can provide affordable guaranteed protection and a flexible premium. As premiums are paid, you can build your policy’s cash value which grows tax deferred until you need it. You can choose to pay a lower premium and focus more on guaranteed protection that can last a lifetime.

A very popular type of universal life insurance is an Indexed Universal life (IUL). Within indexed universal life policies, there is a cash component as well as an insurance component. It is the cash component that makes IULs differ from VULs (Variable Universal life) and ULs (Universal life). The cash bucket inside of an indexed universal life policy grows as a result of index performance (and the indexes are usually selected by the client or advisor each year). The indexes will usually reflect broad market indexes like the S&P 500, etc. Below is a video explanation on how cash value index crediting functions.

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Life insurance was confusing to me.  The Brignac Group provided simple explanations to the types of insurance and made sure I purchased the best type of plan for the right purpose and need.

Joe from Prairieville, LA

I have been a client of The Brignac Group for many years.  I recently got married.  My spouse was insured elsewhere.  We bundled our home, auto, boat, and RV insurance.  Happy to say The Brignac Group is our agency of choice.

Lynn from Lafayette, LA

Purchased an older home that was totally remodeled recently.  Unlike other companies, The Brignac Group was able to use a construction date of 2017.  A huge savings in insurance cost!

Neal from New Orleans, LA

During the aftermath of the Great Flood of 2016, my agent was present when my claims adjuster visited my home to assess the damages.  My agent was involved every step of the way during the remodel process.  Thank you The Brignac Group for going above and beyond in helping me.

Dennis from Denham Springs, LA