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Flood Insurance Baton Rouge

Floods usually strike without warning.  They occur in all 50 states.  With the construction of more roads, shopping malls, homes and businesses, the chance of flooding increases.

Millions of buildings have been damaged over the last several years.  People have lost their homes and belongings, and they never saw it coming.  Are you insured against such a hazard?

Flood Insurance Baton RougeFloods can happen almost anywhere, so be prepared!  Truth be told, you can live miles away from water and still be a victim of flooding.  According to the National Flood Insurance Baton Rouge Program (NFIP), more than 1 out of 5 flood claims occurs outside of the mapped high-risk areas.  Just a few inches of flood water in your home can cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage. Flooding is NOT covered in a standard homeowners, renters or business insurance policy.  But do not fret, fortunately, flood insurance is available to almost everyone.  Contact us at The Brignac Group when you want genuine service and a trusted insurance partner for your flood insurance.  We are the final piece to your flood insurance puzzle.

NOTE: Unless your lender requires flood insurance Baton Rouge when making, increasing, extending or renewing a loan on a building in a high-risk area (which there is no waiting period), flood insurance Baton Rouge does not go into effect immediately. Typically flood insurance Baton Rouge policies have a 30-day waiting period from the date of purchase.

Also many people believe federal disaster assistance will cover them.  NOT ALWAYS!  The president of the United States must first declare a flooded region “a federal disaster area” before federal disaster assistance can be made available to property owners.  Not all flood events result in a presidentially declared disaster.  Federal Disaster Assistance is not always available.  Lastly, any federal disaster assistance you receive is usually a loan that has to be repaid with interest.

What is covered by flood insurance Baton Rouge – And what is not?

Physical damage to your building or personal property “directly” caused by a flood is covered by your flood insurance Baton Rouge policy. For example, damages caused by a sewer backup are covered if the backup is a direct result of flooding.  If the backup is caused by some other problem, the damages are not covered by flood insurance Baton Rouge.

General Guidance on what Flood Insurance Baton Rouge Covers


  • The insured building and its foundation
  • The electrical and plumbing systems
  • Central air conditioning equipment, furnaces, and water heaters, refrigerators, cooking stoves, and built-in appliances such as dishwashers.
  • Permanently installed carpeting over an unfinished flood, permanently installed paneling, wallboard, bookcases, and cabinets, and window blinds
  • A detached garage (up to 10 percent of Building Property coverage): detached building (other than detached garages) require a separate Building Property policy.
  • Debris removal


  • Personal belongings such as clothing, furniture, and electronic equipment
  • Curtains, portable and window air conditioners
  • Portable microwave ovens, and portable dishwashers
  • Carpets not included in building coverage (see above)
  • Clothes washers and dryers, food freezers and the food in them
  • Certain valuable items such as original artwork and furs (up to $2,500)

General Guidance on what Flood Insurance Baton Rouge DOES NOT Cover


  • Damage caused by moisture, mildew, or mold that could have been avoided by the property owner
  • Currency, precious metals, and valuable papers such as stock certificates
  • Property and belongings outside of a building such as trees, plants, wells, septic systems, walks, decks, patios, fences, seawalls, hot tubs, and swimming pools
  • Living expenses such as temporary housing
  • Financial losses caused by business interruption or loss of use of insured property
  • Most self-propelled vehicles such as cars, including their parts


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